Our School | Discipline

It is recognised that while we may not be able to counter the negative influences of society at large, schools should nevertheless take steps to make their environment a safe place and assist children to overcome any personal and social difficulties they may face. In this way children have the best opportunity to take full advantage of the curriculum program which is available to them.

We aim to make our school a happy, caring place where children are successful in their learning. With this aim in mind, Watsonia North has a Student Code of Conduct which is included in the Student Welfare Manual, which emphasises 'Rights and Responsibilities' based on a clear set of School Rules. This is a component of our overall ‘Student Welfare Policy’.

Both teachers and parents have an important role to play in shaping a student's behaviour. Information, materials, counselling and programs are provided as the need arises.

Each section of Student Welfare Manual (listed below) represents an important area in its own right and when considered collectively, constitutes an important health and welfare strategy for all children at Watsonia North Primary School.

A copy of the Student Welfare Manual is available here for you to download (pdf format).