Students | Student Leadership

School Captains

The opportunity for students to develop as leaders is a priority at Watsonia North. A Student Leadership position is an opportunity for personal growth and a tremendous way for students to play an active part in school activities.

At the end the preceding year, School Captains are elected for the following year. A student led Assembly is run by our School Captains every Monday morning.

House Captains

Complementing our School Captains are the House Captains who are elected by the Year 5/6 students.

Throughout the year, House and Vice Captains will:

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council was formed in 1991 and is elected by the students annually. Each person in the SRC is elected to represent a grade. They inform their grade about what is happening in the SRC and get students' opinions on different issues. The Student Representatives' job is to take everyday problems that occur in the school and try to fix them. Sometimes these issues are handed up to the main School Council.

Our Student Representative Council Coordinator is Ms Julianne Haldon.