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At Watsonia North Primary School we offer Piano with Angela Mosca, Keyboard & Modern Piano/Organ with David Dobell, Flute with Tony Barnden, Violin with Blythe Robinson, Guitar with Rowan Lucas, Gunar Ulrich and Michael MacManus, Saxophone/Clarinet with Brian Fitzgerald and Drums with Noel Tenny. An application form is available here for the Instrumental Program (excluding Guitar) and Instrumental Program - Guitar

Tuition Fees and Payment

Each Instrumental teacher will issue invoices for the term’s tuition fees. Payment of fees can be made directly to the teacher at the lesson, or CLEARLY LABELLED ENVELOPES may be left at the office. Payment of fees is requested by the second week’s lesson. Please check with the individual teacher regarding their policy for lessons missed due to illness.

Administration Fee

A loading of $1 per weekly individual lesson and 50c per weekly group lesson is made by the school to help cover the cost of electricity, heating, cooling, equipment repairs and replacement, accompanists' fees and administration costs throughout the year. This is included in the tuition cost and will be paid to the school by the teachers.

Methods of Instrumental Tuition - Suzuki & Traditional


The Suzuki Method is based on the idea that children throughout the world learn language using a perfect educational method: the Mother Tongue Method. Suzuki realised that every child has the ability to learn the incredible complexities of their native tongue in the first years of their life and that the secret to this mother tongue method must be in the training. Suzuki copied this natural language learning method to create a new way of learning music. He based the talent for language learning and that talent is not inborn or inherited, but is educated and developed through experience and repetition.


Parents are not required to attend lessons, however, for faster progress and at home support, parents are welcome to observe lessons.


Instrumental Music Lesson details

Piano & Theory Lessons - Suzuki & Traditional

Angela Mosca (MIMT, BBus, AMusA, ADipA, STCA (Prim) Fully accredited member of the Victorian Music Teachers’ Association and Primary Level Suzuki Teacher) will be teaching Suzuki and conventional piano.
CONVENTIONAL METHOD: Does not require a parent to attend lessons.  However, parents are welcome at any lessons and encouraged to attend at any time.
SUZUKI: In keeping with the Suzuki Philosophy, a parent must attend each lesson.


Alice Gaynor will teach Violin in 2017. Parents are not required to attend lessons; however, parents are welcome at any of the lessons and encouraged to attend at any time.


Noel Tenny will be teaching drums this year. Please note drum sticks, drum pad and book will need to be purchased. A Drum Kit is not necessary at this stage.

Suzuki Guitar & Modern Guitar

Rowan Lucas (AMEB Grade 7 and Suzuki Level 1), Gunar Ulrich (BA Hons) and Michael MacManus will teach Conventional and Suzuki Guitar.

Suzuki Flute & Traditional Flute

Tony Barnden (BMus, BMusHons, GradDipEd, M Mus, LTCL, Suzuki accreditation) will be teaching flute lessons. Parents are welcome to attend their student’s lessons at any stage.

Keyboard and Modern Piano/Organ

David Dobell, BA, teaches keyboard. Keyboards may be hired or they can be purchased for about $215+.


Brian Fitzgerald, professional musician and director of WNPS Senior Choir, will be teaching CLARINET – Year 3+ and SAXOPHONE – Year 5+.