Our School | Our School Values

Our school values are very important to the students and teachers at Watsonia North as they inspire us all to aim high. At WNPS we have 5 values. They are Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect and Understanding. Everybody is expected to display these school values (see below).



WNPS students take responsibility for their actions. We have a whole range of leadership roles. For example: House captains, school captains, green team, well-being team, JSC reps, garden retreat committee, monitor roles and the buddy program.


Students show excellence by striving to do their best, aiming high and never giving up.


Understanding means recognising and accepting that people have different opinions, beliefs, ways of working and learning. We listen to each other to try to understand what people are feeling. 


Integrity is when students and teachers keep their word.  At Watsonia North students and teachers are honest and trustworthy.


Respect means to have consideration of other people’s feelings and rights. We respect each other and everything around us. We treat people how we want to be treated.

At WNPS we strive for gold, not silver, not bronze but gold. Our school values are extremely important to us all and we are expected to demonstrate them at all times. This ensures that we are the best we can be.

Year 5/6 Class S5